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ISSS 2000 Conference Telecities


1st virtual vernissage
First virtual vernissage

Congress Centre ALDIS, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Book of Papers

Complete Book of Papers ZIP, 1538 KB

Introduction MS Word 97, 53 KB ZIP, 22 KB
Frantisek Dohnal

Declaration of Helsinki MS Word 97, 92 KB ZIP, 36 KB

e-Europe--An Information Society for All MS Word 97, 140 KB ZIP, 34 KB

e-Europe initiative and the State information policy of the CR MS Word 97, 65 KB ZIP, 17 KB
Jiri Peterka

The State Information Policy (table) MS Word 97, 57 KB ZIP, 14 KB

Stockholm Challenge Award MS Word 97, 59 KB ZIP, 16 KB

Global Junior Challenge MS Word 97, 68 KB ZIP, 21 KB

Tools for the construction of an e-Europe (EuroPrix 2000) MS Word 97, 118 KB ZIP, 34 KB
Peter A. Bruck and Stefan Weber

The contest "Golden Crest" MS Word 97, 395 KB ZIP, 119 KB

The Information Society--Cities and the Global Cities Dialogue MS Word 97, 70 KB ZIP, 23 KB
Alfonso Molina

Tomorrow's Reinvented Government: 10 Changes Ahead MS Word 97, 83 KB ZIP, 26 KB
Francis A. McDonough

Legal issues for Public Administrations on the Internet MS Word 97, 82 KB ZIP, 21 KB
Florence de Villenfagne

Electronic Signature in the E.U. and the Czech Republic MS Word 97, 75 KB ZIP, 22 KB
Vladimir Smejkal

Digital Transaction Services of the City of Helsinki MS Word 97, 83 KB ZIP, 22 KB
Raija Ollikainen

Projects supporting the development of the Information Society (IS) and e-democracy in the Czech Republic MS Word 97, 67 KB ZIP, 20 KB
Frantisek Dohnal

Gdansk's experience MS Word 97, 78 KB ZIP, 20 KB
Wieslaw Patrzek

"Parthenay, digital town" project MS Word 97, 96 KB ZIP, 26 KB
Michel Hervé

Promises and Perils of an Information Society MS Word 97, 64 KB ZIP, 23 KB
Jiri Zlatuska

On the Way to the Information Society MS Word 97, 179 KB ZIP, 47 KB
Jaroslav Winter, Irina Zalisova

Public Administration, citizens and the Internet MS Word 97, 303 KB ZIP, 91 KB
Jiri Remr

TeleCities -- The European network of digital cities MS Word 97, 76 KB ZIP, 43 KB

BMI association MS Word 97, 56 KB ZIP, 25 KB

The Union of towns and communities of the Czech Republic MS Word 97, 65 KB ZIP, 29 KB

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