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1st virtual vernissage
First virtual vernissage

Congress Centre ALDIS, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Tomas Rencin

Dear friends,

Now we would like to sum some important points of the conference after several weeks from the closing ceremony. In our opinion the informatization of the Public administration in the Czech republic is permanent process. That is why we have organised the first conference in 1998 and the second one in 1999. When we were organising the third conference we had used not only last experience and ideas, but also even we had followed contemporary development in the field of IT.

It is our pleasure to start co-operation with The TeleCities network, that is one of the most important organisation in EU countries.

The conference ISSS 2000 was the most important event on IT in the Czech republic. It became the place for a presentation of government opinions regarding to build the Information Society. The co-operation between organisations from European Union and applicant countries started at the same time. Political representatives of the big European cities met to join to the Global Cities Dialogue. The Lord Mayor of City of Hradec Kralove challenged national associations of Europe to support cities and communities to use IT for openness and transparency of decision-making processes.

That is the reason why we would like to prepare the next conference in the same quality as ISSS 2000 was done. In the process of preparing ISSS 2001 the support of main partners as well as the partners of the conference plays very important role.

Positive responses of the conference ISSS 2000 prove that such event cans influent the form of public administration in future. We are sure that it is the main goal of all of organisers and partners.

Tomas Rencin
Executive Director of the Conference

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