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1st virtual vernissage
First virtual vernissage

Congress Centre ALDIS, Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic


Sunday 26th March

Unofficial part
Aquacentre of the Town Baths (Hradec Kralove)
20:00   Special Welcome Programme with the Mayor of Hradec Kralove

Monday 27th March

Main Hall
10:00   Opening of the Conference
Oldrich Vlasak, Mayor of Hradec Kralove
Pavel Mertlik, Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
10:15   State information policy of the Czech Republic
Pavel Mertlik, Deputy Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
10:45   E-Europe initiative--Information Society for all
Jorg Wenzel, Chief Executive ISAC, European Commission
11:30   Signature Ceremony "Global Cities Dialogue"
at least 10 Mayors from main Eastern Europe Cities will sign the declaration of the Global Cities Dialogue
Jan Kasl, Lord Mayor of Prague
Mariella Gramaglia, City of Rome and Telecities president
Alfonso Molina, The University of Edinburgh
Bruno Peters, Vice Mayor, City of Antverpen
Jorg Wenzel, Chief Executive ISAC, European Commission and others
12:30   lunch
14:30   E-government--State administration in the time of Internet (panel discussion)
Public administration in the age of Internet
Francis McDonough, USA
Information technology in Swedish Public administration
Britta Johansson, Sweden
State support for e-commerce--prosperity of the state
Keith Chapple, Belgium
E-government (panel discussion)
Stanislav Gross, Ivan Langer, Vladimir Mlynar, Parlament Assembly of CR
Yvonne Streckova, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic
Zbysek Bahensky, Ondrej Felix, Information Society Association (SPIS)
16:00   break
16:30   free time
Small Hall
13:00   Eunet (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Michael Hartman, KPNQwest Czechia, s. r. o. (Eunet Czechia)
13:30   Novell (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Ales Kucera, Novell-Praha
14:00   Oracle (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Ondrej Felix, Director Public Services CEE & CIS
14:30   Local and Regional Information Society Seminar, East-West Telecities Seminar
opening speeches
Oldrich Vlasak, Mayor of Hradec Kralove, Vicepresident of UTC CR
Alexander Kratochvil, The Office for the State Information System
Mariella Gramaglia, City of Rome and President of Telecities
15:00   E-commerce in public administration (First plenary session)
The session will focus on the issues of legal requirements for e-commerce in Public Administration
Chairperson: Ms. Mirta Michilli, City of Rome
Legislative issues of public administration on the Internet, situation in the EU
Ms. Florence de Villenfagne, CRID, Belgium
Legislative requests for the utilisation of the Internet in public administration in the Czech republic
Mr. Vladimir Smejkal, Czech Republic
e-shop of the city of Helsinki
Mr. Raija Ollikainen, Finland
16:30   E-government (Second plenary session)
The session will focus on e-government experience from East and West European Cities
Chairperson: Mr. Robert de Beukelaar, City of Antverpen
Support projects for e-democracy in CR
Mr. Frantisek Dohnal, Union of Towns and Communities of the Czech Republic
Citizen's Mall (A new approach to the Citizen/Public Administration relationship)
Ms. Anabela Pedroso, Lisbon, Portugal

Gdansk, experience in applying teleinformatics for establishing co-operation between local governments and the community
(presentation of an e-government experience)
Mr. Wieslaw Patrzek, Poland

Unified Municipal Information System
Mr. Juris Mikelsons, Riga, Latvia
Barcelona on-line: one stop shop Francesc Sans Estrada, Barcelona, Spain
17:30   Conclusion of the first part of Telecities Seminar
Presentation of the Global Junior Challenge
and of the Stockholm Challenge Award
Lecture Hall
12:40   Press conference Global Cities Dialogue
13:45   Unisys (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Wolfgang Grundei, Unisys Austria
16:10   Triada (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Capek, City of Luhacovice, Hanzl, Triada
17:00   Meeting of Members of Parliament and journalists (closed)
Eliska Hall
16:30   PVT (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Martin Kolarik, PVT
17:00   Intel (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Pavel Komarek, Internet Strategy Director, Intel Czech
Meeting Hall
16:00   Software602 (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Pavel Nemrava, Software602
16:30   Meeting of the Association of District Magistrates I. (in Czech only)
seminar of the computer specialists from district authorities and magistrates
directed by Pavel Bures, Ministry of Interior of the CR
11:00   Meeting of the Heads of District Offices (no public access)
14:30   Anopress (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Mr. Vojtech Stavny, Anopress
16:00   Viszegrad Group of Four (closed meeting)
meeting of expert group for possibilities of information technologies utilisation in public administration
The Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia
Congress Centre Aldis
20:00   Joint part of the Conference
Announcement of the results of the "Czech At Sign"
Announcement of the results of the Contest "Golden Crest" (for the best WWW homepage of towns and villages)
Contest "Geoapplication of the year"
Yamahoo, raut

Tuesday 28th March

Main Hall
8:30   Opening of the 2nd day of the Conference
Results of the first day
Land Register Information System
(in Czech only)
Karel Vecere, CUZK
Small Hall
9:00   IBM (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Boris Sraut, IBM Czech Republic
9:30   Projects for Information Society
Programmes of Ministry for Regional Development and Ministry of the Culture
Jiri Hladik, Ministry for Regional Development of the CR
Michel Hervé, Parthenay, France
Tools for e-Europe development (Europrix 2000)
Stefan Weber, Austria
Projects Erisa Carlos Castro, Extremadura, Spain
Czech Forum for the Information Society
Jiri Zlatuska, Czech Republic
10:45   Information and brokerage session for collaborative projects under the IST programme
TeleCities working group on EU funding opportunities
Presentation of project proposals
José Cotta, European commission
11:45   Conclusion of the Telecities Seminar
Mariella Gramaglia, Telecities
Frantisek Dohnal, UTC CR
12:00   "...on the road to the Information Society" (round table with the most important personalities)
Monitoring of changes in the Czech Republic in the last year
Situation and experiences from the EU countries
opening speeches:
Jiri Zlatuska, Masaryk University Brno
Mariella Gramaglia, Telecities President
José Cotta, European Commission, DG Information Society
Lecture Hall
9:00   Day for journalists -- part I. (in Czech only)
How we do it
Internet and publishing
Ondrej Neff, editor of the Internet daily Neviditelny pes
Jiri Hlavenka, Computer Press
Czech Press Agency, Internet daily Ceske noviny
Evzen Vanek, Plzen
Petr Koubsky
10:45   Day for journalists -- part II. (discussion--in Czech only)
Mass media in the times of the Internet
Classical mass media in a new age
Ethics, morality, law
Virtual editorial groups
Jan Pokorny
Eliska Hall
9:00   Liberalisation of telecommunication in the Czech Republic (in Czech only)
New law on telecommunitation
David Stadnik, Czech telecommunication office
10:30   Business Call (in Czech only)
Vladimir Krystof, Aliatel
10:45   Geographic information systems and the Internet (in Czech only)
Metainformation system CAGI
GIS applications in public administration
Meeting Hall
9:00   Meeting of the Association of District Magistrates II. (in Czech only)
seminar of the computer specialists from district authorities and magistrates
Jana Kratinova
10:30   Microsoft (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Zdenek Jiricek, Microsoft Belgie, Business Developer Manager, EE Gov. Programmes
Jan Toman, Microsoft, Local Government Sales Rep.
Vojtech Foukal, Microsoft, Internet Customer Unit Manager
11:30   Cisco (companies presentation--in Czech only)
Jaroslav Martan, Systems engineer, Cisco Systems
12:00   Seminar of the webmasters from the towns and villages (in Czech only)
Tomas Holenda, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
8:30   Telecities Working Groups (first round of parallel session)
Smart Government, Mr. Martin van Rossum, Den Haag
Electronic Democracy, Ms. Leda Guidi, Bologna
City of tomorrow, Mr. Thorsten Einig, Cologne
9:30   Telecities Working Groups (second round of parallel session)
New Ways of Working--Public Administration to Business--electronic commerce applications (PA2B) Ms. Pamela Finley, Nurnberg Accessibility
New Ways of Working--Public Administration to Consumer/Citizen/Customer/Client-electronic commerce applications (PA2C) Robert de Beukelaar, Antwerp
New Ways of Working-Public Administration to Public Administration-electronic commerce applications (PA2PA) Mr. Dave Carter, Manchester
Independent Living Ms. Susan Ng-A-Tham, Den Haag
Congress Centre Aldis
15:00   Estimated end of the Conference


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