ISSS--Local and regional information society March 23--25, 2003
Prague & Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Information about the LORIS 2003 Conference Exhibition

On the occasion of The Local and Regional Information Society Conference--LORIS 2003 in Hradec Kralove, the organizers will also set up an exhibition displaying the best practises of the local and regional government web sites from the European countries.

The exhibition will be open throughout the conference period (24th March 2003 from 9 a. m. until 20 p. m. and 25th March 2003 from 9 a. m. until 13 p. m.) and will provide the participants with the opportunity to promote their application to a large and knowledgeable audience and the visitors with the chance to look into fine examples of Information Society concept implementation.

The objectives of the exhibition are:

  • to display concrete web sites,
  • to feature good European practice in the domain,
  • to put forth success stories and
  • to provide an "orientation tour" of the European local and regional government web sites implementation.

We encourage and expect the participation of any interested municipality or region that can come up with examples of currently used public services provided by web sites (pilot or fully implemented).

Public administration services for citizens, business and/or tourists provided by web sites should be on either one of the following levels:

  • Information,
  • Interaction,
  • Bi-directional interaction,
  • Transactions.

Each exhibitor will be allocated a space with 1 table in Elisabeth Hall.

EuroCrest Award 2003

1. Prague Czech Republic
2. Vranov nad Toplou Slovakia
3. Tartu Estonia
4. Jurbarkas Lithuania
5. Ventspils Latvia
6. Sopot Poland
7. Rousse Bulgaria

European E-City Award

8. Berlin Germany


9. Bratislava Slovakia
10. Rijeka Croatia
11. Gdansk Poland
12. Podgorica Serbia/Montenegro
13. Tallinn Estonia
14. Turku Finland
15. Ljubljana Slovinsko


(National Association of IT Specialists from Public Administration)

Czech Republic

17. Vysočina Region Czech Republic
18. Jihlava Czech Republic
19. Regional Golden Crest Contest of the Vysočina Region Czech Republic

Winners of the Golden Crest Contest 2003

20. Category Cities Czech Republic
21. Category Communities Czech Republic
22. Category Regions Czech Republic
23. Special accessibility prize Blind friendly web Czech Republic
24. Special accessibility prize Blind friendly web Czech Republic
25. Special publicity prize Czech Republic