ISSS--Local and regional information society March 23--25, 2003
Prague & Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Programme by the Hall

Monday 24th March 2003

Main Hall


Conference opening, introductory speeches

Vladimír Špidla, Prime Minister of the Czech Republic
Oldřich Vlasák, Mayor of Hradec Králové
Pavel Bém, Mayor of Prague
Vladimír Mlynář, Minister of the Government of the Czech Republic
Branislav Opaterný, Ministry of Transport of the Slovak Republic
Per G. Blixt and Gérald Santucci, European Commission
František Dohnal, Administrator of the Vysočina Region


Without e-munity

This programme block aims to help conference participants to orientate themselves in the opinions of political parties on the future development of informisation of Czech society. The block will have the format of the TV programme entitled “Without immunity”, i.e. a debate between representatives of five parliamentary parties. Actual discussion circles relate state information policy, competences of the new Ministry of Informatics, IT introduction in self-governments, interconnection of information systems etc.

Presenter: Jan Pokorný

Tuesday 25th March 2003


Making geographic data accessible in the CR and the EU

Accessibility of public administration geographic data in the European context

Josef Hojdar, TERIS Association, 10'

European cooperation in spatial data and information

Bino Marchesini, EUROGI, 15'

GINIE project

Eva Pauknerová, CAGI
Jiří Horák, VŠB-TU Ostrava, 10'


Petr Kubíček, CZ-INSPIRE, 10'

Trends in map e-services

Karel Charvát, Czech Centre for Strategic Studies, 10'

Provision of geographic data to municipalities (ZABAGED, screen data, medium-scale maps)

Jiří Černohorský, Geodesy Office, 10'

State Map Centre and Digital Geographic Information Library services

Michal Vaněček, Martin Vrátný, T-soft, 15'

Removal of administrative barriers

Vladimír Šiška, Ministry of Informatics of the CR, 5'


O. Pašek, ČUZK
V. Šiška, MI
J. Hojdar, CAGI
AKČR, 15'


Geographic information as part of public administration IS

GIS Subcommittee at AKČR

Václav Koudele, Pilsen Region, 5'

Access of external users to GIS

Jan Brodský, ANECT, a. s., 10'

Benefits of OGC web services to public administration

Josef Hnojil, Intergraph CR, spol. s r. o., 10'

Experience in using ZABAGED 1

Ivo Skrášek, Zlín Region, 10'

Conception of building up GIS regions, Introductory Projects and Model Project

Michal Souček, Pilsen Region, Pavel Beneš, RRA, Pilsen Region, 10'

ePUSA and GIS, application architecture of GIS region on the example of Vysočina

Lubomír Jůzl, Jiří Hiess, Vysočina Region, 15'

Municipal locally-oriented information system--data sources, information service and its outlooks

Jiří Černý, Prague City Council, 10'

MIDAS in the public administration context and linkage to ISVS standards in the metadata area

Bronislava Horáková, Head of the MIDAS project, CAGI, VŠB-TU Ostrava, 10'

Municipal Information System of City of Hradec Kralove--GIS

Josef Falt, Hradec Králové, 10'