LORIS--Local and regional information society
April 2--4, 2006, Prague & Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic
Local and Regional Information Society
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ISSS/LORIS/V4DIS 2006 -- Successfully finished

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Visegrad conference, which was held as a part of the ISSS already for the third time in succession, presented this year other two key themes in addition to the traditional issues of e-government and electronic services for the citizens of V4 countries. Much interest was paid right to the first theme--gender issues and questions concerning equality of women in approach to ICT and availability of electronic services provided by public administration. The second particularly interesting theme of V4 DIS was the role of information technologies in tourism, mainly questions connected with V4 portal, promotion of separate destinations, roles of national and regional portals and significance of internet promotion of the states.

The president of the Senate of Parliament of the Czech Republic Premysl Sobotka, under whose personal auspices the Visegrad conference V4 DIS was held, reviews the meeting in the following words: "It is not by far the matter that this event is at present rightly considered the most important meeting of its kind not only in the new member countries of European Union, but that it deals with themes closely connected with something which we got used to calling eGovernment or eState. This conference has its special significance also in the fact that exchange of information takes place at the level of the countries that have common historical experience, similar economic potential and also the same length of period of membership in European Union and thus also related problems in some spheres of their activity. I therefore believe that right here there will take place successful discovering of common procedures in designing new applications of information and communication technologies in public administration."

In numerous delegations of the Visegrad Four countries there were for example Mr. Istvan Szabo, Ambassador of Hungary to the Czech Republic, and Marta Nagy-Rothengass, at present the Head of Unit in DG INFSO, Mr. Stanislav Borek, a Polish charge d'affaire, professor Andrzej Janicki from Alfa-Omega Foundation, Mr. Ladislav Ballek, a Slovak Ambassador, Mr. Pavol Prokopovic, Minister of Transport, Posts and Telecommunication of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Ferdinand Vitek, Chairperson of Union of towns and lord mayor of Nitra or Mr. Rene Kubasek, a deputy of the executive director of Visegrad Fund.