V4DIS--Visegrad Group for Developing Information Society March 28--30, 2004, Prague & Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

GCD Event

Global Cities Dialogue

Hradec Kralove as Vice-Chair City for Eastern Europe organises GCD-event for this region during ISSS/LORIS/V4DIS 2004 Conference. The GCD event will be focused on the collection, dissemination and transfer of relevant information and best practice relating to public administration services for citizens, business and tourists, in particular provided by web sites.

The aim of the Global Cities Dialogue on the Information Society is to address the challenge of globalisation and the importance of cities' sharing and transferring experiences in order to stimulate a global process of information society learning and development.

The transition to the Information Society is an enormous challenge for our cities where millions live, work and directly exercises their rights as citizens and consumers. Cities play and have to play a major role in the development of the Information Society. Therefore the Global Cities Dialogue will be a most relevant instrument to advance the Information Society across the globe, helping to reduce the gap between have and have-nots. It will also provide a mechanism for an informed interaction with the private sector at local, European and global levels.

The Global Cities Dialogue was launched on 23rd November 1999 in Helsinki in the presence of European Commissioner for Enterprise and Information Society Mr. Erkki Liikanen. The Constitution of the Global Cities Dialogue on the Information Society was signed in Bremen. All documents including Action Plan you can find on the website http://www.globalcitiesdialogue.org.

The signature ceremony is organised during the ISSS/LORIS/V4DIS 2004 Conference in Hradec Kralove. On this occasion further Mayors from Central and Eastern European Cities will sign the Declaration of the Global Cities Dialogue, thus giving impetus to closer information society dialogue Central and Eastern European countries with countries of the European Union. The signatories will then act as champions in shaping the rules and the long-term agenda of the Global Cities Dialogue initiative.

List of Global Cities Dialogue new members

Names of cities, which will sign the Declaration of the Global Cities Dialogue will be announced continuously.